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Assessment Brief:

Your task in this piece of assessed work is to submit evidence that you have mastered the referencing skills delivered on the Critical Reasoning module. The whole portfolio should be no longer than a maximum of 500 words, and should contain two direct quotations with accompanying, relevant paragraphs.

You must use two direct quotations from two different, high quality academic sources: one must be an academic text book and the other a paper from an academic journal. The quotations you use may contain text, data or diagrams, and each should be preceded by and connected to a short paragraph about the subject matter referred to in the quotation, written in the formal academic style used in assignments. The quotations should be integrated with the content of the preceding paragraph in the manner described, in class, on the module. In other words, the short paragraph plus quotation should take the form of part of argument(s) of the kind you would construct in any essay-format assignment, with the quotations serving as evidence or reasons in support of your argument(s). NB There must be two different extracts, each with a different, integrated direct quotation. The paragraphs and their related quotations can refer either, to your chosen topic for your presentation and final assignment on this module, or to one of the following four questions:

  • Would road pricing solve current congestion problems in a manner that is acceptable to business?
  • Is it necessary for the senior management of companies to be paid salaries hundreds of times larger than those of other employees?
  • Is it ethically acceptable for companies to kill and injure animals in the process of testing products?
  • Is it ethically acceptable for companies to employ child labour/very low wage labour?

At the end of the portfolio you must show a Reference List containing full citation details of the two different sources you have referred to, using the reference list format recommended on the module.

There are examples offered to illustrate the general layout of the work and format of the citations, direct quotations and reference list at the following web address: http://www.staffs.ac.uk/support_depts/infoservices/learning_support/refzone/harvard/

You should- of course- not copy and paste content from this (or any other) web page directly into your assignment in a manner that would constitute plagiarism. It is provided as a guide only.

Bài sample (để nhận bài full hoặc đặt làm thuê assignment, liên hệ Stefan’s Assignment Group qua phone & Viber & Zalo +84916297138 hoặc email stefan.assignment@outlook.com)



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